2007-2011 PhD in Classics, University of Nottingham
2006-2007 M.A. in Ancient History, University of Nottingham (Distinction)
2003-2006 B.A. (Hons) in Ancient History, University of Nottingham

Academic Posts
2016-present Lecturer in Ancient History, University of Leicester.
2014-2015 Teaching Associate in Ancient History, University of Nottingham.
2013 Mougins Museum Rome Award holder, British School at Rome.
2011-2013 Teaching Fellow in Ancient History, University College London.
2011-2012 Assistant Lecturer in Roman History, University of Kent.
2008-2011 Postgraduate Teaching Assistant, University of Nottingham.

(2014) Pollution and Religion in Ancient Rome (Cambridge University Press).

Articles / Chapters / Dictionary entries
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(Forthcoming, 2016) Review of D. Lowe, Monsters and Monstrity in Augustan Poetry, Journal of Roman Studies.
(2014) Review of C. Laes, C.F. Goodey and M.L. Rose (eds.) Disabilities in Roman antiquity: disparate bodies a capta ad calcem, Bryn Mawr Classical Review.
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